Fort Necessity National Battlefield


In a nondescript field in rural western Pennsylvania, a battle began what some historians consider the first worldwide war.  In April 1754, a young George Washington led British troops, Virginia militia, and their American Indian allies on a mission to push the French out of the western frontier.  After Washington’s troops ambushed and scalped French officers, an angry retaliatory force pinned him down at the hastily constructed Fort Necessity.  Washington surrendered on July 3, 1754, starting a global conflict that became known as the Seven Years War (or the French and Indian War).



Museum, reconstructed fort, Mount Washington Tavern

Must-Do Activity

The National Park Service manages an excellent museum and a re-creation of the small fort.  There is a playground, too, perhaps to entice children to come learn that little actions can have big consequences.

Best Trail

Make a side trip to nearby Jumonville Glen, where a short loop trail guides visitors through the forest where the initial ambush on the French occurred.

Instagram-worthy Photo

The reconstructed Mount Washington Tavern, a stagecoach stop on the historic National Road.  Construction of the National Road began in 1811 and businesses like this one soon popped up to serve travelers.

June North Carolina 051

Peak Season

Open year round, except Jumonville Glen and Braddock’s Grave are only open in summer.




Road Conditions

All roads paved


Ohiopyle State Park has running water, as do several private campgrounds nearby.

June North Carolina 061

June North Carolina 055
Archaeologist using a metal detector to look for artifacts from 1754.
June North Carolina 066
Not many National Park Service sites have a playground like Fort Necessity National Battlefield.
June North Carolina 028
The free National Park Service museum details the battle and its global ramifications; there’s young George Washington.

June North Carolina 069

June North Carolina 046
Inside the Mount Washington Tavern.

June North Carolina 043

June North Carolina 072
Ambush site at Jumonville Glen.

Explore More – Despite its name, the Seven Years War actually lasted how many years after fighting took place on four continents (as well as in the Philippines and Caribbean islands)?



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