Roger Williams National Memorial


In Providence, Rhode Island lies Roger Williams National Memorial, dedicated to the man who left the Puritan-led Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636 to found a city based on religious freedom.  A small National Park Service (NPS) visitor center houses a tiny museum and shows a brief film.



Statue, 4.5-acre park, film

Must-Do Activity

After watching the 7-minute film, engage the passionate NPS employees in a discussion about the importance of the First Amendment and freedom of religion to American history.

Best Trail

A short, but steep walk takes you to a large statue of Roger Williams that offers a great overlook of the city, though it is not technically in the National Memorial.

Instagram-worthy Photo

It has to be the Roger Williams statue with its incredible views of Providence.

Looking out over Providence with Roger Williams

Peak Season

Summer, though it is open year round




Road Conditions

All roads paved, but steep if you drive up to the statue.


Twenty miles away, Casimir Pulaski Memorial State Park offers camping.

The NPS visitor center is housed in this small historic building in downtown Providence.
Tiff within the Roger Williams Park
Tiff near the historic well in the 4.5-acre park in downtown Providence.
Wondon with Roger Williams
Wondon hanging out with Roger Williams in the tiny visitor center (the video screen is in the background).
Tiff hiking up the steep roads from the Visitor Center to the Memorial
Tiff walking uphill to the statue.
A view of the memorial with Providence, RI in the background
This granite statue of Roger Williams is actually 15-feet tall, but you can’t get too close to it.

Explore More – In what year was most of Providence destroyed (including Roger Williams’ homestead) during King Philip’s War?



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