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We are Scott and Tiff Sink of Cheyenne, Wyoming—welcome to Raven About The Parks | Raven About The Forests!

We started Raven About The Parks in 2018 to share our love of America’s National Parks.  Together we have visited 384 of the 420+ units in the National Park Service (NPS) system across all 50 states.  In 2022, we expanded our travel blog to include the 155 National Forests and the other sites managed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS).  You can learn more about our quest during the pandemic to visit all the National Forests in our newspaper articles on this website.  Don’t know the difference between the NPS and USFS?  Check out our blog post explaining how they are unique.

30 IMGP0944.JPG

We write Raven About The Parks | Raven About The Forests to inspire others to travel to these amazing public lands that are owned by every American and open to everyone on Earth.  Beyond the handful of NPS sites that see more than one-million visitors annually there are hundreds of forests, monuments, and historic sites where it is easy to have a unique and personal experience connecting with the land.  We hope that by spending time in the wild places of the United States and learning more about the history of this country that voters (and future voters) will make more informed decisions about how their representatives protect these treasures in the future.

Basically, the goal of Raven About The Parks | Raven About The Forests is to answer the question: Why would I want to go there?  While the 63 NPS units named National Park are detailed in a variety of publications (including our own guidebook) and websites, there is little information or photographs covering the hundreds of smaller sites located across the U.S.  With more than 420 designated NPS units and more than 200 areas managed by the USFS, there is public land closer to you than you might realize.

We feel traveling is a great way to expand cultural horizons, study history in an interactive way, and get in touch with the natural world.  A secondary goal of this blog is to provide a single venue from which to offer our artwork and photographs for sale under the Shop tab

We have been blogging since 2013, documenting the adventures of Wondon the Traveling Bunny and raving about the parks.  That same year we began photographing Echo the Raven with the NPS “unigrid” pamphlets at each site we visited.  We chose ravens because they are the one wildlife species that shows up across many National Parks regardless of the ecosystem.  We have seen these intelligent scavengers at Denali in Alaska, Death Valley in California, Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and everywhere in between.  We have long considered ravens (and related Corvids) to be unofficial park ambassadors.

We kicked off our blog by writing about our favorite NPS site in all 50 states.  Click the Follow button above to receive updates by email.

For more photography, please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

…In the meantime, check out some real ravens in parks from Arizona to Maine to Alaska.

Raven trying to keep balanced in the high winds at Baxter SP
Raven at Watchtower
Raven atop the Searfarer's Memorial in Homer
Raven in the canyon
Raven showing off
Ravens welcoming us to our final Naitonal Park of 2016
Ravens getting blown around in the wind at Canyonlands
Raven at Hovenweep National Monument in Utah
June Trip 806
Raven and elephant seals
1-December 2014 259.JPG

One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Photos of ravens in each park is an interesting idea.
    Being older than dirt, we stopped collecting souvenirs a long time ago and switched to Christmas ornaments but they too are becoming overwhelming. Most recently we have collected National Park pins and attach them to ribbons for our Christmas tree.

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