Top 10 Blog Posts from Our Fourth 100

To celebrate reaching the milestone of our 400th blog post, we are linking to our top 10 posts from 301-400 based on number of likes.  Please check out our Top 10 from the first 100, 200, and 300 (or click here if you want to see all of our Top 10 Lists, including our meta Top 10 of Our Top 10 Lists).  Thank you to our readers for inspiring us to continue traveling and to share the wonders with you all.

When we last posted we were starting work on our guidebook for the 155 U.S. National Forests, which is now published on Amazon.  We had no idea we would write four articles for our local newspaper (and be interviewed for another), give a presentation at our library on National Forests, or publish a coloring book based on illustrations from our first guidebook to the National Parks.  Who knows what we will do between now and our 500th post?

10. Canaveral National Seashore (Florida)

9. Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (Georgia)

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument (New Mexico)

7. Kenai Fjords National Park (Alaska)

6. Arapaho National Recreation Area (Colorado)

5. Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Ohio)

4. Crater Lake National Park (Oregon)

3. Pinnacles National Park (California)

2. Colorado National Monument (Colorado)

…and finally our #1 blog post from our fourth 100:

1. Arches National Park (Utah)

Honorable Mentions

Minidoka National Historic Site (Idaho)

The new visitor center is open where you can watch an excellent film on the internment of U.S. citizens during WWII

Channel Islands National Park (California)

We added photos from our kayaking trip around Santa Cruz Island from November 2021

Indiana Dunes National Park (Indiana)

We visited the eastern parts of this new National Park after visiting it in 2016 as a National Lakeshore

Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota)

We backpacked around the park’s Petrified Forest Trail in July 2022 and saw an awesome double rainbow and woke up 50 feet from a sleeping bison

Learn more about finding solitude in the National Parks in our guidebook:

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