Tuzigoot National Monument


The Verde River Valley was first permanently settled by the agrarian Hohokam culture around AD700.  The ruins seen here today were built between AD1000 and 1400 by the Sinagua, who left many behind many structures in this region.


Ruins, museum, scenic views

Must-Do Activity

The Sinagua pueblo at Tuzigoot had about 110 rooms and is estimated to have housed 200 to 300 people.  You can walk inside portions of the ruin, including a section with a reconstructed roof.

Best Trail

A trail leads to an overlook of Tavasci Marsh, a wetland important to wildlife.

Instagram-worthy Photo

Tuzigoot pueblo was strategically placed atop a 120-foot high limestone outcrop with commanding views in all directions, but was not a cliff dwelling like those built later at nearby Montezuma Castle and Walnut Canyon National Monuments.

Peak Season

Summer, though it can get hot in the afternoons




$15 per person or America The Beautiful pass

Road Conditions

All roads paved


Outside the town of Cottonwood, Dead Horse State Park offers campsites with RV hookups and showers.

Explore More – What is the English translation of the Apache word Tuzigoot?

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