Top 10 National Historic Sites

There are 77 National Historic Sites managed by the National Park Service and several others that are affiliated sites.  Similar to the list of our Top 10 National Historical Parks, these choices represent our experience and not the significance of a place in the annals of U.S. history.  In fact, most of these spots we never would have heard about when sitting next to each other in Mrs. Williams’ AP American History class back in high school.  Check out all of our Top 10 lists here.

10. Grant-Kohrs Ranch (Montana)

All things “cowboy” are remembered here

9. Golden Spike (Utah)

Colorfully reconstructed train engines daily evoke May 10, 1869

8. Weir Farm (Connecticut)

Borrow art supplies to create your own memory of this artist colony

7. Ford’s Theatre (Washington, D.C.)

Live theater is still performed at this infamous assassination site

6. Brown v. Board of Education (Kansas)

Thought-provoking exhibits on segregation fill the classrooms of an old school in Topeka

5. Bent’s Old Fort (Colorado)

Costumed reenactors take you back in time on the Santa Fe Trail

4. Minuteman Missile (South Dakota)

A great museum and guided tours recall the Cold War era

3. Tuskegee Airmen (Alabama)

Civil Rights pioneers are celebrated at this site created in 1998

2. Manzanar (California)

The U.S.A. is a great nation because it remembers the shameful parts of its past

…and finally our #1 National Historic Site!

1. Andersonville (Georgia)

Visiting the National Prisoner of War Museum is a powerful experience

Honorable Mentions

Little Rock Central High School  (Arkansas)

Learn about integration kitty-corner from this architectural beauty

Christiansted National Historic Site (Virgin Islands)

The yellow walls of this seaside fort are great for photographs

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