Top 10 National Historical Parks

There are 51 National Historical Parks in the National Park Service (NPS) System.  Differentiated from National Historic Sites, each typically encompasses multiple locations to tell a unique story from the past.  Below is a list of our 10 favorite National Historical Parks in the U.S.A.

10. Manhattan Project (Tennessee, New Mexico, Washington)

Three far flung sites recall the advent of the atomic age

9. Lewis and Clark (Oregon, Washington)

Winter quarters on the Pacific Coast for the Corps of Discovery

8. Dayton Aviation Heritage (Ohio)

Follow the Aviation Trail to the Wright Brothers cycle shop

7. Thomas Edison (New Jersey)

Find the first movie studio and talking doll at the “Invention Factory”

6. Women’s Rights (New York)

Learn about the first Women’s Rights Convention held in 1848

5. Harpers Ferry (West Virginia, Maryland)

Centuries of history are told in this well-preserved town

4. Lowell (Massachusetts)

Watch working textile machinery inside Boott Cotton Mills

3. Chaco Culture (New Mexico)

All roads led to this ceremonial center a thousand years ago

2. Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front (California)

On most Fridays you can meet these pioneering women in Richmond

…and finally our #1 National Historical Park!

1. Klondike Gold Rush (Alaska, Washington)

Walk the streets of Skagway and climb the “Golden Stairs” to Chilkoot Pass

Honorable Mention

Kalaupapa (Hawaii)

This isolated peninsula on Molokai Island was perfect for quarantine

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