Top 10 Gifts for National Park Lovers

It is gift buying season again, so we decided to take a shot at a list of ideas for that special someone in your life who loves National Parks.  There are currently 63 National Parks among the 420+ units in the National Park Service (NPS) system, which are the main focus of these items.  We have been two parks short of visiting all 63 since 2016, but we already have our plane tickets to American Samoa for January 2023 and we plan to drive to Alaska this summer so we can fly to the last of that state’s eight National Parks.  Click here to see all of our Top 10 Lists, including some book lists that may help you find a special gift for your favorite reader.  As always, products we have created are available under the Shop tab above. We also have a Pinterest board for National Parks gift ideas, as well as those harder-to-find National Forest gifts.

10. Postcards

For someone on the quest to visit all 63 National Parks, pick up a packet of postcards showcasing all of them (or a set of notecards highlighting their favorite one so far)

9. Quarters

The U.S. Mint finished releasing its America the Beautiful series in 2021; there are books and maps highlighting all 56 quarters (and you can buy the entire set for little more than the coins value)

8. Stuffies

Seeing wildlife is a big draw to most of the large National Parks, so what better way to remember an encounter than a stuffed animal version?

7. Coasters

We often purchase a Lantern Press coaster from the National Park Service bookstore during our visits, but there are also sets for sale online

6. Games

If your lover of National Parks likes board games, there are branded versions of the classics (like Yahtzee and Monopoly) or original games available

5. Mugs

Why not recall a favorite park every time you enjoy a hot beverage?

4. Jewelry

Artists on Etsy offer some awesome jewelry highlighting the National Parks, including coin-rings and bracelets

3. Guidebooks

Especially if your National Parks lover is just getting started, a good guidebook can help with planning the travel logistics

2. Clothing

T-shirts, hoodies, socks, and anything else people wear have all been emblazoned with National Park logos and images

…and finally our #1 gift for National Park lovers:

1. Posters

Artwork or photographs of our beautiful National Parks make a great gift and there are an overwhelming number of options (try starting at Creative Action Network)

Honorable Mentions


There are many nice calendars published every year with artwork or photographs from our wonderful National Parks


Jigsaw puzzles had a renaissance during the pandemic and there are plenty of National Park-themed options


There are some cool ways to keep warm under a stylish National Park blanket, like one from Rumpl


For someone on the quest to visit all 63 National Parks, they can track their progress on a map or scratch-off list

Photo album or photo board

We passport stamp all of the “unigrid” pamphlets (like the ones Echo the Raven poses with for each NPS blog post) from the parks and collect them in a photo album (actually three since we have visited 378 units so far)

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