We released our new National Parks coloring book!

Just in time for the holidays—we released our first coloring book available on Amazon.com! It is based on the 50 logos we created for our National Parks guidebook, many of which can be seen on our Shop page. It also includes the overview and wildlife information from the guidebook. It would make a great gift for any age!

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7 thoughts on “We released our new National Parks coloring book!”

    1. Good question! Yes, we include a facing page for each of the 50 illustrations that has a paragraph overview on the park, a paragraph on wildlife in that park, and a sentence describing the illustration. Thanks for asking!


    1. Awesome! I might steal your quote and also say “Once a RD, Always an RD.” I am not currently working as an RD, but I am working in a hospital in performance improvement (we look at processes and help remove waste from them). I joke that you still need to be an RD in my position because we care about waste/waist! I teach an intensive three-day class, so my team calls me “the professor” of the group. Mad props to you for being a professor! Three days a month is about all I can handle. Thanks for reaching out. -Tiff

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      1. Oh neat, it’s fun to see the paths life takes and how sometimes we veer away from our original career. My mom did the same. Sounds like you have a challenging but interesting job. I do enjoy professoring (clearly I don’t teach English haha), but it can be exhausting for sure!

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