Update from Raven About The Parks

We are currently on a 12 day trip to Massachusetts and New York to visit some of the many National Park Service (NPS) sites jammed into those two states, especially around Boston and New York City.  This will bring our total number of NPS units visited to over 350 and provide information for many future blog posts.

We are also working hard to edit our first guidebook, which we will self-publish in October 2019.  It is entitled A Park to Yourself: Finding Solitude in America’s National Parks and it focuses on helping the reader have special experiences in 50 of the busiest National Parks.  Scott has created original logos for each of the 50 parks, which can be printed on T-shirts, mugs, pillows, and a variety of products through Amazon and Café Press.

Thank you to our readers for continuing to inspire us to visit new NPS sites and share the wonders with you all.

Tiff and Scott at Statue of Liberty National Monument in September 2016

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