Catoctin Mountain Park


This park was purchased in 1935 during the Great Depression as part of a demonstration program to rehabilitate poor agricultural land under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).  They worked on a visitor center, campground, rental cabins, and 25 miles of trails now run by the National Park Service.



Chimney Rock, Blue Blazes Whiskey Still, hiking, camping

Must-Do Activity

Hiking.  Also consider a stop just south of Highway 77 at Cunningham Falls State Park (entrance fee) on your visit to Maryland’s mountains.

Best Trail

A loop hike can hit both Chimney Rock and Wolf Rock, though the views from the latter are not quite as sweeping.

Instagram-worthy Photo

Chimney Rock offers a stunning overlook of Maryland’s forests.

Chimney Rock

Peak Season

Summer for camping and autumn for changing foliage.




Road Conditions

All roads paved


Stay at the historic CCC campground or south of Highway 77 at Cunningham Falls State Park.


Blue Blazes whiskey still
Tiff at the historic Blue Blazes Whiskey Still from the Prohibition Era


Some fall colors above 1,400 feet elevation
On top of Wolf Rock


Don’t miss a stop at Cunningham Falls State Park on your visit to Maryland’s mountains.

Explore More –What famous presidential retreat is located within the boundaries of the park, but is not shown on maps and includes plenty of warning signs about stopping anywhere near its driveway?



2 thoughts on “Catoctin Mountain Park”

  1. We’ve been there, absolutely beautiful. Cunningham Falls did not have a lot of water in it, but was a good hike there. Thurmont is a nice little town, plenty to see. We would go back to Maryland again.

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